The panty trap SFX

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3 years ago Deeane`s boyfriend is at home waiting for her to return from work. He goes into the bathroom and takes some pills for a headache, but something goes wrong and he shrinks to 1" tall.She then comes home and because he has shrunk she does not see him.And Deeane told him so many times not to be late,as she must go for a run. Deeane then changes of her work clothes ,drops her panties on the floor and her bf runs to them to get her attention, and climbs into the crotch. Dee then comes back with her workout clothes, grabs her panties and pulls them on with him in them.This happens in slow motion from a few different angles . Then she puts on her workout pants, sealing his fate and she leaves the house to go for a run as the camera zoom in on her crotch.

Categories : Giantess

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