Taking Over The World SFX

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3 years ago

http://www.clips4sale.com/store/38649 http://vod.sizefetishzone.com/vod/studio/Giantess_Deeane/30/ I am a scientist developing a special ray designed to shrink men and allow me to take over the world. Some of men i have been experimenting on have strangely disappeared...I walk into the office smiling , "My shrink ray is nearly ready. Just a little more work required." Im carrying a watch from the latest victim . I look at the watch and wonder what happened after I shrunk this man. "Just wait until I find you then you will wish you never disappeared" and give an evil smile. I drop the watch to the floor, and put the heel of my boot through the screen smashing it and twist your heel until it is in pieces.I pick up the phone to call Gloria (who is helping me build the shrink ray to take over the world) and start talking. As im talking i notice that a little man is standing on top of a cigarette from my ashtray and start describing to Gloria what i will do if i find the man, quickly dropping the cigarette on the floor and tearing it with my boot,along with the tiny one,then i decide its time to go back to the lab. Only i notice another one on the floor.I grin wickedly ,tell him goodbye and crush him under my boot. GIANTESS, SFX, SMOKING, OBJECT CRUSH, BOOT CRUSH,POV

Categories : Giantess

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